“I am Mariupol” for children

The “I am Mariupol” support center helps every Mariupol resident who comes to us.  In our center, everyone receives comprehensive assistance.  But it is very important to help the youngest Mariupol residents.
 No child should have seen and lived in war.  But unfortunately, we are forced to live in such conditions.
 We understand that it is more difficult for children to get through what they have experienced, so in our centers we pay special attention to caring for children.
 In each center “I am Mariupol” there are children’s rooms, where qualified educators and psychologists work with children.
 Our specialists communicate with children to identify their fears, experiences, needs.  Then they try to bring them back to normal life.
 Every day many kids come to our centers where they can:
 • play
 • draw
 • attend master classes
 • learn something new
 • attend English and math classes
 • communicate with peers.
 Mariupol residents know that leaving their child in our children’s room they will definitely have a good time under the supervision of qualified professionals!
 “I am Mariupol” works for the smiles of our children.  We do everything possible and impossible for them to continue to see the world in bright colours.
 This war destroyed our city, houses, plans for the future.  But we know we will restore everything!  The main thing is faith, faith in our bright independent future.
 Together we can do more!

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