Reconstruction of Ukraine: Lviv will support Mariupol on the way to revival

The mayors of Lviv and Mariupol have signed a Declaration of Solidarity. The joint initiative of the twin cities aims to coordinate efforts to rebuild Ukrainian Mariupol together with the government and international institutions. Partner cities around the world are expected to join this open format of cooperation.

The creation of the Mariupol Reborn Revival Platform was also announced. The project is being implemented on behalf of Pavel Kyrylenko, Head of the Donetsk Regional Military Administration.

The Revival Platform is project offices that will develop the Mariupol Reborn Recovery Strategy. The platform in Lviv will provide expert support and training support to the city’s revitalization team and provide strategic planning. The office in Dnipro will develop the “Immediate Response” plan and prepare for the restart of utilities. The office in Warsaw will focus on international cooperation to attract best practices and investments.

Vadym Boichenko, Mayor of Mariupol, said, “We believe in the Ukrainian Armed Forces and the inevitability of Ukraine’s victory. That is why we are preparing for the liberation of Mariupol now. High quality planning of the reconstruction process and the search for resources will greatly simplify and accelerate the city’s revival. I am grateful to Andrii Sadovyi and all the partners who are now actively supporting Mariupol and its people. “Together with Lviv, we will attract new partners with the best expertise, which will be crucial for the success of Mariupol Reborn.