We are bringing the liberation of Mariupol closer together with the Ukrainian Armed Forces! We have handed over a car to the border guards.

These are Toyota Land Cruiser and Mitsubishi L 200. The mayor of Mariupol handed them over to the border guard detachment that continues to defend our country. The cars were purchased thanks to the “I’Mariupol” Charitable Foundation.

“Supporting the Ukrainian Armed Forces is a contribution to our common Victory. It is a contribution to the liberation of Mariupol! And this day is coming. By joining forces, we can accelerate the counter-offensive and help our defenders perform combat and other tasks. We will continue to support the military until we expel the occupiers from of our home,” Vadym Boichenko said.

Mariupol supports the Armed Forces of Ukraine. To date, 47 vehicles were delivered to the defenders.

Everyone can join in and help our military bring the Victory closer.



Card 4246 0010 3021 6281

Recipient: CO “Charitable Foundation “I’Mariupol”

EDRPOU code: 44869663

Recipient’s bank: JSC PrivatBank, MFO code 313399

IBAN UA113133990000026002020202168

Monobank (https://send.monobank.ua/jar/6BQ1V2E6Te)

FUIB application (Support of Ukraine, further – “I’Mariupol”)

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