More than 8,000 Mariupol residents have used services of household centers

Kyiv, Odesa, Dnipro and Zaporizhzhia – in four cities of Ukraine, Mariupol residents can take advantage of quality care services. These include a dentist, laundry, seamstress, hairdresser and a co-working area.

In three months of work:

🔸 more than 8000 visitors visited

🔸 1950 people visited the dentist

🔸 1550 Mariupol residents brought clothes to the laundry

🔸 more than 2500 persons made their hairstyle

🔸 1573 people used the services of a seamstress

🔸 Mariupol people used co-working facilities almost 500 times

“We plan to expand our network of household centers. The plans include Lviv and Vinnytsia. We combined the needs of Mariupol residents and created household centers. Pilot projects have shown their effectiveness. We are looking for opportunities to open them in other cities of Ukraine,” Mayor Vadym Boichenko said.