Support from UNICEF for Mariupol residents

The team of Mariupol City Council forms a powerful circle of support for Mariupol residents. The result is cooperation with international partners. Together with them, we help Mariupol residents get back to life through the I’Mariupol centers. UNICEF is among our reliable friends.

In a number of centers, Mariupol residents receive humanitarian aid and essential clothing from our partners and take part in workshops and trainings. UNICEF also provides support to young families from Mariupol.

For example, in Kyiv, families with children received warm clothes as well as sets for newborn babies. These include diapers and bed linen. Olga is among the recipients:

“I have two boys. I really need diapers. They are not cheap, so I was very happy when I received them.”

In Ivano-Frankivsk, the kids took part in a cooking class. They learnt to cook Caesar salad, bowl and lemonade with Yevhen Klopotenko. They studied spices and recipes.