We announce a fundraiser for defenders of Ukraine!

The Armed Forces of Ukraine are preparing for a counteroffensive to liberate the occupied territories. In particular, our native Mariupol!

We must do everything to help and support our soldiers. That is why CF “I’ Mariupol” announces a fundraiser to purchase of 7 cars for units of the Armed Forces, the National Guard, and border guards, who are currently defending our independence in the fierce battles in eastern Ukraine.

Let’s bring the liberation of Mariupol closer together!

You can join and support the defenders using the following requisites:


Card 4246 0010 3021 6281

Recipient: CO “Charitable Foundation “I’Mariupol”

EDRPOU code: 44869663

Recipient’s bank: JSC PrivatBank, MFO code 313399

IBAN UA113133990000026002020202168

Monobank (https://send.monobank.ua/jar/6BQ1V2E6Te)

FUIB application (Support of Ukraine, further – “I’Mariupol”)

On the website – mhelp.org.ua (https://mhelp.org.ua/)