Я Маріуполь. Турбота

Renovation of premises for a new specialised medical hub for Mariupol residents is underway in Kyiv

The work has started recently, but the plan is to launch the medical centre this year. This facility of 1,200 square metres will be transformed into a multidisciplinary medical hub with more than 60 specialists.  


The centre plans to provide the following services:


🔸 PRIMARY CARE (examination, check-up and consultation by a family doctor, laboratory tests)

🔸 ADULT AND CHILDREN'S CONSULTANCY (consultations from a neurologist, endocrinologist, traumatologist, surgeon and other narrow specialists)

🔸 FUNCTIONAL DIAGNOSTICS (ultrasound of internal organs, cardiography, etc.)

🔸 GYNECOLOGICAL CARE (examination, screening and consultation of women, including the pregnant ones)

🔸 SURGICAL DENTISTRY (specialised surgical dental care)

🔸 REHABILITATION OF CHILDREN AND ADULTS IN OUTPATIENT CONDITIONS (a set of rehabilitation measures for the treatment of conditions after long-term illnesses and injuries)

🔸 DAY STATIONARY SERVICES (outpatient treatment requiring specialised care)


Doesn't it sound incredible? But it has become a reality and the project is already running. This is all about caring for the health of Mariupol people. 



Medical specialised hubs are being created at the initiative of the Mayor of Mariupol, Vadym Boychenko. It responds to a request from Mariupol residents who want to receive high-quality and affordable medical services from Mariupol doctors of various specialisations. 


In total, there are plans to create four large medical hubs in Kyiv, Lviv, Odesa and Dnipro. Here, residents of Mariupol now living in different cities will be able to receive free medical examinations and consultations. This will help to provide medical services to more than 61,000 Mariupol residents.



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