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Camouflage nets - fundraising continues!

The occupiers keep trying to break our spirit. But the fire of our resistance cannot be extinguished. Everyone contributes to the common struggle. 


Mariupol residents are united in supporting the Ukrainian Armed Forces across Ukraine. From Uzhhorod to Zaporizhzhia, they are weaving camouflage nets for the frontline. 


The "I'Mariupol" centres turned into resistance points where opportunities were created to help our defenders. As a result, a total of 500 camouflage nets have been made so far. 



They are already covering our positions and equipment along the frontline - in Donetsk, Kharkiv and Luhansk regions. 


The people of Mariupol are ready to give further aid. They know that our defenders need this support on an ongoing basis. It will help to hide our positions from the enemy's eyes and save our soldiers who are now putting in their best to bring back a peaceful and tranquil sky.


You can help our initiative with the materials for weaving at





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