I'Mariupol is a charitable foundation initiated by the Mariupol municipality headed by Vadym Boichenko. The goal is to unite the efforts of Ukrainian and international partners to help internally displaced people from Mariupol return to life and adapt to new communities and to support and provide everything Ukrainian soldiers need.

In these areas, the Founation cooperates with various volunteer organisations, international donors, national foundations, Ukrainian businesses and local communities. Together we open support centres, meet the needs of people in need of evacuation, expand assistance services, and most importantly, bring Mariupol residents back to life. We have also united in our desire to provide the Ukrainian military with everything they need and support our defenders.

The I'Mariupol centres operate thanks to international support, assistance from EU countries and volunteers from around the world. They have built bridges of trust that help Mariupol residents feel supported by the world and that Ukraine needs them.

That is why the charity fund allocates all the funds received to the operation of the I'Mariupol network of centres. We also purchase and deliver the necessary ammunition and equipment to our military. Together we are saving lives!



Our team
Dresviannikov Dmytro Oleksandrovych
Chairman of the Fund
Pikula Olha Petrivna
Public Relations and Fundraising Director
Kildishov Yaroslav Olehovych
Executive Director
Holovan Natalia Serhiivna
Chief accountant
Zaviznyi-Yurtin Mykhailo Yuriiovych
Project manager