Благодійний фонд допомоги Маріуполю



Provision of housing for Mariupol internally displaced people is one of the main priorities. Due to the full-scale invasion, Mariupol residents lost their city and their homes. Among the internally displaced people there are families who are in dire need of an immediate solution to the housing issue. The I’Mariupol.Housing project is designed to help in this.

This is a unique program for Ukraine, launched by the municipality of Mariupol. The pilot project was the creation of social housing in Dnipro, where the existing dormitory was renovated. Modern living conditions have been created there: comfortable rooms, a kitchen, a living area, a dining room, a play space for children, as well as a co-working space, where there are laptops and the Internet necessary for work.

Mariupol residents were chosen according to the point system - this is the most transparent way of allocating housing for internally displaced people, which excludes the influence of the human factor. Thus, housing is provided to people who need it the most.

The implementation of the first project opened the door for international investment in social housing. There are plans to expand the project to other cities of Ukraine through joint efforts.


Mariupol residents are already being helped
humanitarian kits distributed
residents of Mariupol received legal and psychological assistance
medical consultations were conducted
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