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Supporting Mariupol families affected by the war

The I'Mariupol centres pay special attention to families whose fathers defended Mariupol or died as a result of the russian invasion. Our partners help us with this.


In particular, three families from Mariupol received valuable gifts at the Ivano-Frankivsk center.
They were provided by Blaho company on Christmas and New Year's Eve.


Nadiia Nesterenko lost her father because of the hostilities. She received a special gift - a folding bed. It is a practical and necessary gift.


Kristina Mordik lost her father at Azovstal. He was defending our city from the invaders. And her mother was released from russian captivity. She and her daughter received a laptop. The same equipment was also given to the family of Arina  Alieksieieva, whose mother defended Ukraine.


"It is very nice to feel that you are remembered and supported. Our family experienced a lot and we want the people of Mariupol to stay together. Thank you for your care," says Arina.


We thank Blaho company for their support! Together we support those who need special attention.


We remind that in every "I’Mariupol" centre there is a Veteran's Assistant who provides individual support to veterans of the Russian-Ukrainian war and is ready to help the families of defenders.



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